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Zahvala OŠ Ferda Vesela



Dear ZEOS!

Environmental protection is of utmost importance in our school. Special attention is devoted to familiarizing students with hazardous waste and waste separation in school, as well as promoting this at home.

Your excellent presentation of the E-Transformer has been attended with great interest by our students and school staff. Thank you for visiting our school. You are kindly invited to visit us again with such and similar projects.



Janez Peterlin, headmaster

Sabina Rosa,
project coordinator ECO - terminals


Šentvid pri Sti?ni, 9. november2012




Yesterday our school was visited by the E-transformer. We also received special containers to collect e-waste.

ZEOS, your offer to educate children and adults on the collection of such waste is warmly welcome as the preservation of the environment is a common concern and goal also of our school.

E-waste in our school will thoroughly be collected and separated from now on, and the E-transformer is very welcome to visit us again next year.

Thank you for giving our students an opportunity to be part of the "Odlo?uj!" project. We hope that we will also be of help promoting proper separation and e-waste management.

We hope and wish that your campaign receives a lot of positive feedback and success.



Tatjana Krautberger


Izlake, 24. october 2012