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"A producer is a legal entity or an individual entrepreneur who, regardless of their selling method, whether it be selling over the Internet, as a service of the information society in accordance with the laws regulating consumer protection, puts their productsor equipmenton the market for the first time with the vision of carrying out his activityin the territory of the Republic of Slovenia." This is the definition relating to the contents of environmental legislation when the issue arises as to who is responsible for observing the obligations regarding the collection and treatment of certain types of waste. Furthermore, a producer is also a legal entity or an individual entrepreneur who puts products or equipment acquired from other Member States of the European Union (in further text: EU), imported from third countries or produced in the territory of the Republic of Slovenia on the market for the first time in the territory of the Republic of Slovenia.


The merchant and/or distributor are persons who deliver products and/or equipment within the framework of their own activities to the end consumers. They are tightly connected with the waste collection and disposal process, which is a result of their direct contact with customers and/or end consumers.Their communication about the environmental sphere plays a major role, as it influences correct and environmentally friendly waste management.


The end consumer is the person who used, is using or intends to use electrical and electronic equipment, batteries, accumulators or other products.In compliance with the environmental legislation, the end consumer is obligated to dispose of waste electrical and electronic equipment, waste batteries and accumulators to the distributor and/or merchant, local public service provider, as separately collected fractions of municipal waste at collection centres or facilities whose operation is provided by the producer or acquirer or, on their behalf, the joint scheme of ZEO


A local public service provider in the area of municipal waste management collects, using prescribed methods, waste electrical and electronic equipment as well as waste batteries and accumulators from the end users. Based on their orders, the producers and/or the ZEOS joint scheme collect this waste; collection is accompanied by a record sheet.


The ZEOS joint scheme regularly collects waste and transfers it in accordance with technological processes of recovery. A certain portion is thus transported to recovery centres located in Slovenia, and the other portion is transported abroad. 


Pursuant to the legislation, the treatment and recovery of waste electrical and electronic equipment and other waste collected within the collection networks of the ZEOS joint scheme is carried out in the treatment centres in Slovenia and abroad.The ZEOS joint scheme has the segment of waste treatment abroad regulated by valid permits and/or notification for cross-border waste transfer.