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About the project

recycleThe main objective of the “Slovenia WEEE campaign” project is to raise awareness regarding environmental issues concerning the manufacture and use of electrical and electronic equipment, handling of WEEE and their treatment and recovery (including reuse and recycling), with a special emphasis on households and school children in Slovenia.

Foreseen activities for reaching our goal in the coming two years, between October 2011 and October 2013, will focus on public motivation and distribution of knowledge and information about responsible handling of WEEE. The target audiences will be informed about the content of hazardous substances in WEEE and the importance of proper WEEE treatment: (1) how electric and electronic devices can be recycled, (2) which EE equipment is potentially the most harmful to the environment and human health and why, (3) where to find collection facilities and (4) what is the further treatment and recovery of waste EE equipment.

Target audiences of the project:

  • Youth in primary and secondary schools,
  • Teachers and boards of primary and secondary schools,
  • Slovene households

Key stakeholders and partners of the project:

  • Ministry of environment and spatial planning
  • National and local/regional public offices
  • National environmental agencies and offices
  • Environmental and non-governmental organizations
  • Public waste collection companies in Slovenia
  • Primary and secondary schools
  • Manufacturers distributors and retailers of electric and electronical equipment


  • European commission (50%)
  • Ministry of environment and RS area (20%)